What grades does Observatory Girls School offer?

OBS provides Grades R - Grade 7.

What is the language of teaching?

OBS girls is a English-medium school. Therefore classes are taught in English.

How do I apply? What are the application requirements?

Please see admission details on - Admission

Can I have a tour of the school prior to application?

You are welcome to organise a tour of the school. We suggest you contact us to arrange

Are there extra-mural activities?

We have a number of activities for our learners to partake in. We recommend atleast 1 extra-mural for each learner.

Does OBS girls offer bursaries / financial aid?

Unfortunately. We do not offer any bursaries

​"These were the best years of my life! I attended OGS from 1985 to 1991 and am still in contact with the friends I made and the teachers that taught me! The best school ever!!"

- ​Claudia Ackermann Greselin

About Us

For over 100 years, Observatory Girls' Primary School has established a tradition of providing quality education to young girls. The school has always embraced the challenges of change, laying the foundation for girls to succeed in an ever changing world. The advantages of a girls' school include a higher academic standard and a happy stress-free learning environment.

Observatory Girls' Primary School is one of two Public schools in South Africa exclusively concerned with teaching primary school girls. We provide a small, stable and nurturing environment in which girls from diverse backgrounds can develop with confidence and joy.

We focus on the individual and strive to develop creativity, problem-solving skills and a love of learning within each child. Our school develops the "whole child" enabling each learner to realize her potential and unique talents. We provide opportunities both in and out of the classroom for cultural, sporting and environmental activities. The school has both enrichment classes and remedial assistance to cater for the special needs of all our children.

At Observatory Girls' Primary, we offer: A Unique Girls-only learning experience, A values embedded education experience, A relaxed, caring environment with dedicated and committed teachers,Support systems: a speech therapist, art therapist and psychologist,A well-equipped School Library ,Educational outings, Learning barriers support programme in English and Mathematics and After-Care facilities.