COVID-19 Protocols

  1. Entry to The School
    1.1 Pupils and Staff will be sanitized on entry to the School at the sanitation points
    1.2 A Temperature check and screening will be done
    1.3 A branded mask will be handed to each Pupil at the sanitation points by the staff manning
    the points when each Grade returns to the School as phased
    1.4 Each name must be ticked off when the pupil receives the mask – class lists will be provided
    1.5 Completed class lists should be handed to the respective Receptionists- the Nurses will
    collect for record and reference purposes
    1.6 Staff at the sanitation points must wear masks and gloves at all times
    1.7 The non-contact thermometers must be sanitized and handed in at reception after the
    pupils have arrived each morning, ready for use the next day
    1.8 Please let the Nurse know if the batteries are flat so they can be replaced
  2. Sanitization in classes
    2.1 Pupils and staff need to wear their masks whilst in class and outside in the quads or during
    2.2 Breath- breaks will be observed as determined by the Head of Phase or the class teacher
    2.3 Pupils must sanitise their hands when walking into class especially after snack, bathroom or
    ground breaks
    2.4 Any used dirty tissues must be flushed down the toilet and not disposed of in the dustbins
    2.5 Red lined- bins are provided in the Sick Bays or Receptions in the JP and Pre -prep for any
    used masks or gloves to be incinerated
    2.6 Pupils are encouraged to bring at least one spare mask to School daily and carry a sanitary
    bag for a soiled mask. Any mask that is dropped on the floor is wet or soiled and must be
    2.7 No sharing of masks is allowed
    2.8 Spare surgical masks will be available in the sick bays only if needed
    2.9 Classes will be deep- cleaned at the end of each day
    2.10 There will be a roll of paper provided per 3 classes – the children are required to wipe down
    their desks with sanitizer at the end of each day
    2.11 These paper towels can be disposed of in the regular bin provided
  3. Sick Bays
    3.1 The sick bays will be off limits to the Pupils as they may not leave their zones
    3.2 If there is a child who may be injured or needs attention, please WhatsApp the Nurse and
    we will come to the pupil with a First Aid bag
    3.3 Any child who is “sick” or has a fever will be taken to the isolation room and sent home
    3.4 The medics will be called if there is an emergency requiring their assistance as per Standard
    Operating Procedures

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