Observatory Girls & the Three2Six Programme – 2020 Marks 10 Year Anniversary

Observatory Girls’ Primary School has hosted the Three2Six Project since 2010. It currently hosts 2 Three2Six classes and a total of 50 Three2Six learners.

We celebrate this milestone and we look forward to another 10 years.

What is the Three2Six Programme

or the past 12 years, the Three2Six project, a non-profit organisation based at three campuses (Sacred Heart College in Observatory, Holy Family College and Observatory Girls’ Primary School) has been providing a bridging education programme for refugee and asylum-seeker children, as they are not always able to secure space in state schools.

At Three2Six, lessons are held from 3pm to 6pm daily and the children get a meal as well as a uniform, textbooks, stationery and safe transport to and from classes every day.

The programme provides love and comfort to children and families who have to navigate the winding paths of bureaucracy around refugee and asylum-seeker status in South Africa. Every child receives education, knowledge and adequate preparation to enter into a regular school environment.

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